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A headshot of me, Amy Claussen. I'm sitting on a deck mid-laughter, wearing jeans, boots, and a colorfol sweater. I'm a while woman with wavy red hair, and quite tall. Behind me is a jade plant, rail made from an antique iron headboard, and sunny trees.


The intersection of words, design,

and technology


I use words to design experiences. To find the right words, my process embraces user research, UX design, data analysis, and other human-centered and analytical tools. I'm currently a Principal UX Content Designer, leading our content design practice at The Washington Post.


My previous work includes creating digital health apps at Pear Therapeutics, developing clinically-validated behavior change 

treatments for addiction and insomnia.


Prior to that, I created voice and cloud-integrated features for Anki Robotics's home robot, Vector. Also at Anki, I helped create Cozmo, the entertaining and educational robot who was the #1 best-selling premium toy of 2017-2018. His engaging character and impressive AI have met over 2 million faces.

Before creating robots, I designed engaging content for mobile games
, including The Sims Mobile (#1 iOS & Android app), Tap Paradise Cove (top-3 grossing), and War Dragons (top-20 grossing).

I started my career in the theatre and film worlds and continue to write plays, often with some kind of tech crossover. When I'm not writing, my pandemic hobby has been photographing tiny flowers.



Amy Claussen speaking at the Game Developer's Conference, standing at a podium, with a chart of storytelling structure projected. I am mid-speech and motioning wiht my hands. I wear a flowered dress and chunky green necklace.

Game Developer's Conference 2017, "Unpopular Opinion: All Narrative is Linear"

Amy Claussen speaking to 3 high school students with a mobile phone in her hand. I wear a colorful flowered scarf and black outfit.

Select Speaking

  • Game Developer’s Conference. “Unpopular Opinion: All Narrative Is Linear.” San Francisco, 2017. (Over 16k views on YouTube)

  • Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. “Bringing Cozmo to Life: Designing Robots with Personality”. Pittsburgh, 2017.

  • Girl Geek Dinner. “Conversations Worth Having: Communicating on Multidisciplinary Teams”. San Francisco, 2015.

  • Bay Area Women in Games. “Cozmo Code Lab: Empowering Learning Through Creative Expression”. San Francisco, 2018.

  • PixelArts Games Academy. “Bringing Cozmo to Life: Designing Robots with Personality”. Pakistan (via Video Conference), 2017.

  • Pocket Gems University. “StoryMath: a Solution for Storytelling.” San Francisco, 2013.

Speaking and teaching

Select Teaching

  • Carnegie Mellon University (Guest Speaker, College of Fine Arts)

  • California Academy of Sciences (Guest Educator in Technology)

  • Maven Queer Tech Camps (Master Class Teacher)

  • Idyllwild Arts Academy (Master Class Teacher)

  • Bethlehem Haven Women’s Shelter (Master Class Teacher)

  • Girls Who Code (Mentor)

  • Watson Institute (Educator for Autistic Youth)

Speaking to Seniors at Idyllwild Arts Academy

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